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Law enforcement data, especially at the local level, is hidden in the corners of the internet, obfuscated by bureaucracy and served up via low quality user experiences. The Police Data Accessibility Project aims to build a publicly available library of law enforcement related records, available free of charge. We want to enable the data analytics and justice sectors to examine law enforcement trends with the highest possible level of accuracy. Transparency in policing is the name of the game. If that sounds like a worthy mission to you, you’ve come to the right place!

Roles & Expectations

We’ve established an organizational structure that’s divided among four different teams. While each team has its own set of needs, all of our teams are looking for volunteers who are motivated by and engaged with this project. The Police Data Accessibility Project is a data-driven and non-partisan effort; we expect that all political alignments, motives, and biases are set aside by our team members so that we can provide objective insights into law enforcement trends. All of our volunteers must agree to behave professionally, and not use hate speech, derogatory names, or vulgar language of any kind. Discussions must be civil and productive. Any volunteer found to be violating these rules will be removed from all of our volunteer platforms.

Learn more about each team below and the skill sets for which they’re looking. This will help you identify where your particular skill sets will fit the best!


We are currently 100% volunteer-run, and are in the process of developing an organization with 501c3 status so that we may apply for grants and receive financial donations in the future. If you would like to be notified when we begin accepting monetary donations please join our mailing list below!