We're an organization of volunteers

We believe that aggregating law enforcement data can empower the citizenry with facts and oversight capability. Our volunteers are engineers, project and strategy managers, designers, and critical thinkers. We are data-driven and non-partisan; as team members, we set aside all political alignments, motives, and biases so that we can provide objective insights into law enforcement trends.

Key management personnel

Josh is the Operations Lead at PDAP. Having worked in the tech industry for 7 years, he sees himself as a jack-of-all trades. With experience supporting delivery teams of all sizes, Josh is perfectly suited to assist with tasks across the board.

As Engineering Lead, Nick draws on his IT skills and unique experience working within a government entity. Understanding just how frail and ill-equipped government digital infrastructure is, he believes only a focused, talented and open source community has the ability to solve our nations’ police data access problem.

Eddie comes to PDAP after a 20-year military career, where he served primarily in technical and innovation team-building roles. He hopes to see society go beyond anecdotal evidence to make data-driven decisions about policing itself. Always the consummate professional, he took down his D&D character portrait on Discord when PDAP jumped to the platform.

With experience in computer forensics, investigations and incident response, Alec brings a decade of information security experience to his role as Security Oversight Lead. TV personality Mister Rogers once told children to “look for the helpers” in times that seemed dark and scary. Alec strives every day to be one of those helpers.

Emily, FOIA Team Lead, is a cybersecurity researcher and practitioner focused on defending critical industrial infrastructure around the world. She has over a decade working in the national security/cybersecurity field, spending 7 years working in the US intelligence community including NSA, CIA, and INSCOM. In her spare time, Emily is a FOIA researcher who uses the legal process to obtain government-held information for the purpose of transparency and accountability of our governing entities.

Mackenzie, Recognition Team Lead, is an entrepreneur with experience in building companies and organizations from the ground up. She has over 5 years of project management and marketing experience that she puts to use managing the face of our organization. In her spare time Mackenzie enjoys gardening and rehabilitating injured or orphaned animals.